Do Instagram Reels bonus pay More Than YouTube Shorts?

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Instagram has recently launched a new service in India called Instagram reels bonus. Yes, it is true that the Instagram reels bonus service is proving to be a boon for Instagram Influencers. At the time of the look, Instagram did not give money to its users. Some people were making money on Instagram through brand promotion and affiliate marketing. But like YouTube, Instagram did not pay users to make reels.

But since the Instagram reel bonus has been launched in India, people want to know whether we can earn more money from an Instagram reel bonus than YouTube shorts. So today we will try to know which of these platforms will be right for you. By the way, most people create videos on both Instagram and YouTube. Yes, there are some people who only create short videos, so they prefer Instagram reels.

If you want to earn money through ads then YouTube is a good option for you. But if you just want to make short videos and are happy only earning a bonus then you can use Instagram reels. It’s not long since YouTube launched Shorts. Seeing the success of Instagram and TikTok, YouTube launched this service. This was also done by YouTube so that more people were giving importance to Instagram and TikTok except for YouTube.

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Although Instagram Reels and YouTube shortcodes are similar, it would not be right to compare the two. People also upload long videos along with shorts on YouTube. Yes, some YouTubers keep putting short videos continuously to interact with the users. Instagram Reels is giving you a chance to earn up to $5000 in a month. Well, I don’t think that many people can earn up to $5000 in a month. By the way, YouTube has not kept any shortfall in terms of earnings. You make from $100 to $10,000 a month through YouTube Shorts.

We have written a separate article on Instagram Reels bonus, you can read that too. There you will get complete information about the Instagram Reels bonus, and how you can earn money through the Instagram Reels bonus. And how you can apply for an Instagram Reels bonus.

Instagram Reel Bonus

Nowadays earning money online has become very easy. Many people are earning millions of dollars through Instagram and YouTube. In such a situation, if you also want to earn money from social media platforms, then you can create an account on these platforms. If you create good content and your luck also supports you, then you will also be able to earn well. Most people don’t want to work hard. Some people create a channel on YouTube and stop working after uploading some videos on that channel.

I know that getting subscribers and views on YouTube is not that easy. Videos of some people do not go viral for 1 year. But if you will maintain consistency and keep uploading videos continuously then you will definitely be a success. First of all, you stop thinking that I can earn more money from Instagram or from YouTube. You can choose any of these platforms. If you become famous on any one of these, then you will become famous on the other too.

Every YouTuber has an Instagram account and at the end of the video, he definitely tells his viewers to follow the Instagram account. So in this way you can also ask your YouTube followers to subscribe to your Instagram account. But for this, you have to grow your YouTube channel first.

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