How to change the Instagram password without old password 2022

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Today we will know how we can change the password of Instagram without old password. Instagram is a social media platform that is used by millions of people all over the world. And there are many people who forget login and passwords too. It’s not their fault in this. In today’s digital era, it is not so easy for us to remember the password of every single account. And we can’t even write the password anywhere. In such a situation, if you have also forgotten the password of your Instagram account and want to set a new password, then yes you can do it.

Today I am going to tell you a way by which you can create a new Instagram password without an old password. If you use the Instagram app on your iPhone, then first I am going to tell you about it.

Change Instagran Password in the iPhone app

Open your Instagram app on your iPhone

On the login screen, tap on Forgot password above login.

Tap Username or Phone.

Enter your registered e-mail address, username or phone number, then tap on the Next button.

A link will be sent to either your email or phone to help reset your password.

So in this way you can create a new password on your iPhone.

Change Instagran Password in the Android app

Open your Instagram app on your Android phone

On the login screen, tap Get help logging in below login.

Enter username, email or phone, or tap Log in with Facebook.

Tap Next, and follow the on-screen instructions.

A link will be sent to either your email or phone to help reset your password.

So in this way you can reset your Instagram password on your phone itself. If you have forgotten your email password, you can set your email password in the same way.

By the way, you will also get this information on the official website of Instagram. If you are still facing any problems after this, then you can talk to the support team of Instagram.

How to change your Instagram username

Whenever you create a new account on Instagram, you are given a username. If you want to change your username then you can do it easily. But you cannot keep the username that someone has used before. You will need to use a unique username. If you cannot find any unique or stylish username, then PhotosBydms can help you with this. You will find more than 1000 unique and stylish usernames on PhotosBydms.

So let’s know how you can change your username on Instagram. I am currently using instagram on laptop so i am going to tell you how you can change instagram username on laptop.

First of all you have to open the official website of Instagram. After that you have to login.

After that you have to click on your profile picture. Then click on profile option.

Click on Edit profile

From here you can change both your name and username.

I have also shared images so that you can easily understand them. Here you can also update your email, phone number and gender. If you haven’t updated your phone number yet, you can update it here as well.

Many people face problems with changing their Instagram passwords. But if you follow all these steps then you will be able to change your Instagram password easily. Even if you have forgotten your old Instagram password, you can still create a new password.

Note: We have tried to share complete information from our side. But if still, you are facing any kind of problem then you can contact us. And we will try our best to assist you.

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