How to delete or deactivate the Instagram account permanently

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Creating an Instagram account is very easy. But do you know how you can delete or deactivate your Instagram account? No company wants any of their users to leave its platform. Even though Instagram has millions of users but still they do not want to lose a single user. But if you want to delete your Instagram account for any reason then yes you can. But keep one thing in mind when your Instagram account is permanently deleted, you will not be able to recover it again later. And your data will also be deleted. So if you want your data then you download it before deleting your Instagram account.

So let’s know how you can permanently delete your Instagram account.

Visit the “Delete your account page” on a mobile or laptop browser.

If you do not log in to Instagram. So first you have to log in. You cannot delete the account without login.

After that, you will be asked a question. (Why do you want to delete PhotosbyDMS?)

You will be shown several reasons, you have to choose one of these reasons.

Re-enter the password to go forward.

If you continue, your profile and account details will be deleted on October 30, 2022. You won’t be visible on Instagram between now and then. If you change your mind, you can log back in before the deletion date and choose to keep your account.

Your account will be permanently deleted within 30 days. So in this way you can delete your Instagram account.

How to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily?

If you do not want to permanently delete your Instagram account and want to deactivate the account for some time, then Instagram also provides this option. You can also temporarily deactivate your Instagram account.

Log your in to Instagram account in-app or web browser

Click on the profile pic. After that, you have to click on the setting option.

As soon as you scroll down, you will see the option to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account at the bottom. So in this way you can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account. If you want to activate your account again, then you have to repeat the same procedure.

How to download Instagram account data through Laptop or PC

If you have made up your mind to permanently delete your Instagram account, then first you should download your images and videos. You do not need any third-party app for this. Instagram itself provides you with the option to download the received data.

First of all, you have to open on your Chrome or any other browser. And login to your account.

Click on profile pic

Go to the Setting option

Click on  “Privacy and security

Now you have to scroll and there you will get the option of data download.

Now click on  “Request Download”.

You can download data in both HTML and JSON options. You can choose whichever method you feel is right.

So in this way you can download Instagram account data. And after taking backup, you can delete your account permanently.

By the way, you should not delete your Instagram account. You also have the option to deactivate the account. And we have also told you how you can deactivate your Instagram account. With this, your data will also be saved and you will also get a break for some time.

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