Instagram reels bonus eligibility in India । Make $5000

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Instagram has launched a new service in India called Reels Bonus. Users always had the same complaint that Instagram does not pay them like YouTube. But it seems that Instagram has listened to the voice of the users and has now launched an Instagram reels bonus. But there is still confusion among people as to what is the eligibility for Instagram reels bonus in India. Is it necessary to have at least 1000 followers for an Instagram reel bonus like YouTube? So today in this post we will clear all the confusion. And today you will know who is eligible and who is not eligible for the Instagram reels bonus program.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform used in India. Instagram was earlier a photo-sharing app but slowly everything changed. Now Instagram is not only a photo-sharing app but people are also sharing reels on Instagram. By reels, I mean short videos. The concept of short videos was brought by TikTok. No one supported it then. But TikTok has become so popular now that everyone makes short videos on TikTok.

On 29 June 2020, the Government of India banned some Chinese apps permanently in India. And there was also the name TikTok in it. At that time TikTok had become a very popular platform in India. Instagram directly benefited from the ban on TikTok. Instagram also launched Reels and now almost all Instagram users are using Insta Reels.

Till now people were earning money only through affiliate marketing and sponsored ads on Instagram. But now Instagram has launched Instagram Reel Play Bonus in India. This means that now you can earn money on Instagram also through reels or short videos.

The Instagram Reel Play Bonus works the same way as YouTube Shorts. If you are a shorts creator on YouTube too, then in the same way you can earn money on Instagram as well. To know how much money you can earn from Instagram Reel Play Bonus in a month, first, you have to know what Instagram Reel Play Bonus is. And how does this work?

What is Instagram Reel Play Bonus?

Reels Play Bonus is a new feature of Instagram which has been launched in India just a few days back. The population of India is very large. India ranks second in the whole world in terms of population. In such a situation, the eyes of the whole world are on India. Earlier, Instagram Reels Play Bonus has been launched in the USA. In Reels Play Bonus, you will be paid according to the performance of Instagram Reels. In this, Instagram has not yet mentioned the ads revenue, this means that you will be given a bonus according to the per view.

How Can I Make Money With Instagram Reel Play Bonus?

If your reels perform well then you can earn up to $5000 more in a month. But earning $5000 is not that easy either. You all know that reels go viral very quickly. And the reels are not too long. And in most of the reels, copyrighted songs are used. In this case, you can get very less money per view. By the way, no one has shared their payment proof yet. But those who have more followers on Instagram will be able to earn a lot of income.

instagram reel bonus how to make money
Instagram Reels Bonus Payment Proof

Instagram reels Bonus eligibility

Now the question is how do I know whether I am eligible for an Instagram reel bonus or not? And if I am eligible then how do I apply for the Instagram reels bonus? Do I have to monetize my Instagram account like YouTube? I know that such questions must be coming into your mind too. Right now the Instagram bonus program is new in India and very few people know about it. You will also find very little information about Instagram reels bonus on the internet.

  • If you want to earn money through Instagram Reels Bonus and you have not uploaded the reels yet, then first of all you have to create and upload some reels.
  • But remember one thing brand content is not eligible for the bonus.
  • You must be switched to Instagram Profile Creator or Business Account
  • You must follow Instagram’s policies. Instagram has given details about this. I am sharing the link below yes.

Instagram Reels Bonus policies

  • Many people post someone else’s reels in their accounts to increase followers. If you also do this then you are not eligible for the Instagram reels bonus. You have to create unique content.
  • Instagram Reels Play is an invite-only bonus program. When you are invited to this, you will see a pop-up notification on your Instagram. You have to accept it. And after that, you will also become eligible for an Instagram reels bonus.

How many followers do you need to get Instagram Bonus invitations?

By the way, Instagram has not yet officially told anything about who they are inviting for the Instagram reels bonus. So far no basic information has been shared about the followers. But all those who are popular Instagram users have been included in this program. If you do not have many followers yet, then try to increase them. And if you don’t get many views on your reels, then there can be many reasons for this too. If you do not use a good bio and profile pic in your profile, then it can also cause problems in increasing your followers.

Best Instagram bio for girls

If you become a popular creator then you can also get an invitation from Instagram for an Instagram reel bonus. And I think in a few days Instagram will also announce eligibility. If this happens, then we will definitely tell you about it.

How to check the Instagram Reels Play Bonus invitation

Many times we are invited to Instagram Reels Play Bonus but we do not even know about it. So today I am going to tell you an easy way how you can find out whether you are a part of Instagram Reels Play Bonus or not.

  • First of all, you have to log in to the Instagram app. After that, you have to click on the profile picture.
  • Click on the setting option
Instagram reel bonus option
Instagram Setting Option

If you join Instagram Reels Play Bonus, then you will see the bonuses option there. But if you do not see the bonuses option then you do not have to be disappointed. You need to work harder now. If you upload one reel a week, then you create one reel every day. If you upload more videos then the chances of it going viral will be more. If even one of your reels goes viral then your followers will automatically start growing. And it is possible that you too can be included in this program.

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